Administration & Legislation

The California Science Teachers Association (CSTA) keeps an eye on legislative issues which may impact K-16 science teaching and learning. They publish an analysis of each bill and link to the full-text of bills under consideration.

CSU Mathematics and Science Teacher Summit

The California State University convened a Mathematics and Science Teacher Summit on
Meeting California's Challenge in to increase the presence of science and mathematics teachers in the state’s classrooms. The meeting held on March 2, 2006 was a significant milestone for science education in California. Visit for details on this important event.

CSU and California Community College System Memorandum of Understanding

California State University, Office of the Chancellor and California Community Colleges System Office developed a Memorandum of Understanding: Pathways to Mathematics and Science Teaching. This critical MOU spells out important ways that the two systems will work together to improve the serious science and mathematics teacher shortage in the state. Visit for the news release on this important development and and read the actual document.

To learn more about the CSU’ s plan to address the growing mathematics and science teacher shortage, visit and click on the heading entitled “Collaborating to Address the Math and Science Teacher Shortage”.

To learn about the California State University Sponsored Science Education Colloquium that took place in September 2006, please visit for an interesting article on this important meeting with representatives from 23 CSU campuses.

Science Education Reports


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