About Us

The California State University (CSU) recognizes that quality education and the professional development of its faculty must be immersed within the discipline and institutional culture and be governed by the faculty themselves. With these principles as a foundation, the CSU is collaboratively developing online resources and web-based services to enable faculty and students to be successful in their teaching and learning. MERLOT (www.merlot.org) was created in 1997 by the CSU to help faculty and students share high quality online content and pedagogy. Under the CSU's leadership, MERLOT has grown to an international consortium of education institutions, professional societies, digital libraries, and corporations (see info.merlot.org/ for more information)

Building Locally, Linking Globally

The CSU is building on the efforts of local campus leaders within disciplines to develop communities of faculty who will discover, review, organize and disseminate exemplary practices for teaching and learning with technology.

Bringing Our Purpose into Focus

Mathematics Education Community in the CSU is a community of members-CSU faculty, staff, administrators-- that share a common interest in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning mathematics disciplines with online resources. The mission of this site is to facilitate and support CSU mathematics faculty by increasing their knowledge, productivity, and professional effectiveness through sharing of pedagogical best practices, digital learning materials, and by building an online Mathematics Education Community.

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